Non-tourist Rome: a guide from the underground

This is a Little Guide of Rome made by locals.

Here you find tips on where to go if you are searching for cheap, authentic and non-touristy places.

in particular you’ll find info on:

  • History and roman dialect in a nutshell
  • Festivals and live music
  • Restaurants, pizzerie and multiethnic food
  • parks
  • squats  (occupations for social purposes such as concerts, festivals and expositions)
  • Critical Mass and bike-kitchens

We get no-profit from this guide, we don’t receive any compensation from the suggested places and we wrote it simply because we love our city.

If you travel in a real way, you’ll have fun, spend little, support the right places, meet interesting people and realize that Rome is much more than only the Colosseum and the Vatican!

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