Peru – Pebas

Pebas is a little village on the Amazon river, between Leticia and Iquitos. I arrived there thanks to a girl met in Brazil, Carolina who told me about a lovely family who used to host travelers.

Pedro “El negro venditor de curichi”, his wife Luz and their sons, who hosted me for 2 weeks in their house (behind us)
the kithchen
pendulous nests
eating Cajù
a man showed me two big rats that he captured in the forest
a French girl with my hat, met a couple of days later in Iquitos

1 thought on “Peru – Pebas”

  1. Hola..
    soy Carolina,, veo estas fotos y me brotan lagrimas de los ojos..
    muchas gracias por hacerme revivir todos aquellos bellos momentos del viaje..

    un gran abrazo

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