Peru – Celendin

This little city on the Andes near Cajamarca still keeps a fashion of ancient times. Here I met Susan, a corageous Duch women with a son, Yannick, affected by the down sidrome. She decided to stay and built up and organization supporting down people: Proyecto Yannick.

Thanks to her I get to be hosted by Carlos and Tania, a family of artists, in their interesting circular house, just outside the city. There I learnt a useful technique to keep the dogs away: prentend to take a stone from the ground and launching at them. Generally it worked out!

the sunday market
the guy who gave me a lift with his motorbike (and girlfriend)
hot springs, at the bottom of the valley
the house where I was hosted
Carlos “el pintor” and his children
the guy who was coming everyday by horse, to work restructuring the house